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May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

I can't hold it all inside
Was it all just a lie?
I wished once, twice
Too many times to expect what I was given
Blame me for things that aren't true
Another hope flushed away with my tears
Why didn't you care about all my fears?
I told you everything I didn't want you to know
Feels like, you twisted it to evidence for my prosecution
I thought you were so much different
I was wrong, once again
Back in this place, here I am
My trust in everything is questioned
I turn my back on all I knew
This is just history repeating
I'm forever waiting for a different ending
No more hoping, no more trusting
No more crying, no more breaking
Deep inside, I can't bring myself there
I'm stuck in what you said would be
In the midst of crashing aspirations
Will I always find myself returning here?
Here, in this place of Questioning


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