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Paint Chip Poem

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Ship shape is a relaxed color,
sitting on the wall
doing nothing nothing,just as cozy as it could be,
a ship on a dock.

Ship shap is a color
that never moves,but when it does
it moves like a ship sailing
on the ocean blue.

Ship shape is a sloth,
alway moves,but it moves extremily slow,
and always takes its time.

Ship shape is a wet color
soggy,it can be cold
maybe even warm,
you never know.

Ship shape always stands out
on the wall
inside of the hall
never ignored,
and always there.

Ship shape hardly speaks
when it does
it is like a boy
playing videogames
and his mom tells him to

Ship shape smells like salt
in the ocean,
it smells interesting.

Ship shape is a shy color
like the boy
that sits in the back of class,
and does not talk to anyone.

Ship shape

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