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Circus Freak

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Come right up here ma’am and sir! To hear the most disgusting truth! We’ll take you around the circus floor so you can see the truth below the lies! The first display is a normal boy! But wait to see what hides below, you won’t believe your eyes! Lets keep going cause we’re not done to see the boy later on. Now when he’s this far in now we meet the reason for his betrayals! The monster the demon the one who’s to blame, the one who they think is the solution for their “horrible, horrible lives!” But may I add the monster the monster sure is sneaky! For he can hide in the closet or even under their beds! It’s after one thing an one thing only! For the monster is no friend but a foe! He starts by meeting them then gets into their system till they have no control! So be careful and watch your step! Or else you could join this circus like so many who like this boy fell to the hands of the one and only monster! So come on and take a seat relax because the show’s about to start!

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