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The House of Sorrow

March 10, 2010
By wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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Dark and ominous
our house reeks of sorrow
not a surprise to me
you try to hide the pain you feel
as do i.
last night,
the fighting i hear agin
i've been there before
it sucks, i know.
i want to help
im just to scared
i've been there before.
don't want a replay of what used to be
i need to help
just dont know how
i stop breathing,
the guilt to heavy to carry.
in my bed i silently cry
pressing myself deeper into the mattress
trying to hide.
mother or vilian,
theres no difference to us
im sorry,
i cant go back.
our pain
the building blocks of our house
our house reeks like sorrow.

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