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Fish Tail

March 3, 2010
By cukoo4u BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
cukoo4u BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Every time you come around,
You see my hair and start to frown.
You say, “Who did your hair this morning?”
I say, “I did, you crazy clown.”

You take out my carefully constructed braid,
And begin to start anew.
I ask what you are doing,
You say, “It’s a new look for you.”

You’re finally done,
I turn to you.
“Well that was fun.
Now what’d you do?”

“It’s called a fish tail,
You crazy coot,
It’s a type of braid.
Looks good to boot.”

I go on without a care,
Never seeing the work you’ve done.
And now I’ve dedicated this to you.
I’ve got to go! It’s time to run!

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