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February 7, 2010
By Daydreamishly GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
Daydreamishly GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
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The foulest stench of insincerity
Perforates her speech
She cannot name the time nor day
That she began the breach
But conduct has been lost to her
Since she wandered down the path
To friendship, hardship, love and hurt-
She so embraced confidence.
But a gaze of infant wisdom
Bested her resolve:
Now she plays at being bold,
Which has to be enough.
But when she is alone again,
She conjures up the day,
And analyzes all the words
That were donated to the decay.
She is the brightest shade of hidden,
And a master of kind words.
But her eyes are ever heavy-lidded
And her bones are hollow as birds'.

The author's comments:
A poem about trying to seem like more than one truly is.

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