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Loving the Forbidden

February 2, 2010
By EmoAnon GOLD, Westport, Indiana
EmoAnon GOLD, Westport, Indiana
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Do you understand how hard it’s become?
To love that special someone
When they can no longer love you back
When they make you feel like a heart attack
That special someone, the one you love so dear
The one you would give anything to
Just to be there, to hold them near
And there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do
Because you feel deep inside
That what your heart is telling you
And your mind knows it is right
So when that boy you see…
Holding to another girl
And you know you just have to be
The best friend, the other girl
But it hurts so badly, to pretend
And to lie to both of the people
You just want this all to end
To kiss his lips so sweet and kind
to pull him close and show him all
everything you see on your mind
of how you can no longer fall
for you have fallen, ever so deep
and it takes everything to hide
what you think about before you sleep
of how you think of him by your side
So kiss him in your mind,
keep it so hidden, cloak-and-dagger
leave this false dream behind
move to your feet, shuffle and stagger.

The author's comments:
Again, because I love him and he has no clue

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