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Savor Each Second

January 2, 2010
By Poetiquette PLATINUM, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
Poetiquette PLATINUM, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
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This long drawn out length of time,
Is having its soporific effect on me,
I'll just lie down for a minute,
And soon I'm fast asleep.

Each diminutive grain of sand,
Takes a dive in that hourglass.
Time is so pivotal,
Isn't there a way to make it last?

In forty winks I'm out,
Leave me to my dreams,
Time is of the essence,
It's slipping through my fingers,

Time has imprecated me,
It's left me out,
And let me sleep,
While it keeps on running,
Running, running.

Doesn't time ever rest,
Take a break or go to sleep?
How can it keep on going,
Time after time?

The tick of the clock,
The hands slide by,
With each infinitesimal,
Increment of time.

As I lay deep in slumber,
The world rotates,
Set to the clock,
Time controls the pace.

Something about the time,
Instincts nudge me awake.
There in the back of my mind,
Whispers "It is late."

It's five hours later,
How long was I gone,
Gallivanting in escapades,
Dreaming I was never wrong.

How long must I assent,
To the skulduggery of time?
Now fervidly angry,
I must rush to stay alive.

All of us are limited,
Limited on precious time.
Who knows when,
When Time will draw the line.

The author's comments:
I never have enough time!!

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