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Changed Dreams

January 7, 2010
By Donie Magee SILVER, Park City, Utah
Donie Magee SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Close your eyes, see the light?
Don’t dare to fight, its too strong.
Follow it, it will take you to where you belong.
Whether that is to your true love or, mother, maybe just your brother.
Don’t worry it wont take long.

Don’t open them yet, the picture is coming.
Its of you and I walking and humming.
The flowers sing while our throats ring.

Step by step you fall deeper.

He comes up, and leaves me there,
taking you, its not fair.
I’m left alone, the trees rustle,
they are warning me but its as if they where a muzzle.
I spin and turn, I guess I have not learned.

I run and jump, away from nothing,
but fear takes over along with another something.

You open your eyes,
its over, but they were all signs.

It is true what you dreamed,
it as obvious as a broken beam.
You are happy, how about me?
He changed you, but not your dreams.

You left me alone,
it the darkness of your thoughts.

Alone to cry,
alone to dreaming of a place where I am not alone,
by this time, you lost me,
unless soon, you begin to see.

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