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November 26, 2009
By Born_to_fly GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
Born_to_fly GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
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"I disaprove of what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it." ~Voltaire

Lips touch but they don't always hold passion.
Occupied are ones thoughts for possibly a lifetime or a few minutes.
Vintage as it is, no one knows its true meaning.
Everlasting it can be, but quickly ending all the same.
Indestructable when true, indescribable for all.
Sweet and free like a rose, but the thorns always casue damage.
Unlimited in the world, but it never seems to be with you.
No regrets, no doubts, no looking back of who you chose.
Cut off from the world because it is all that fills the mind.
Often does it shove, often does it stab, but someone always seems to catch us or save us in the end.
Never ending, but never lasting.
Quick does it seem to go, but forever does it seem to begin.
Untangible it is, but it seems to fill the air around us.
Exiting hope when broken down, but leads to entering a new door of mysteries.
Risky to trust only one person to be your forever soulmate, but all of us seem to take the dive anyway.
Adrenaline flies when you feel thier touch.
But it dives like a bomb from a plane with one wrong word, one wrong move.
Luering you in with words, looks, and emotions that aren't always true.
Everlasting as it seems love can blossom in many ways and end in a couple of days.
Love is unconquerable.

The author's comments:
Look at all the capital letters besides the last one and see what you get.

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