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It Ends Now

November 12, 2009
By Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
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Even in our Darkest hour, we must always remember never to spare.

I’ve been a coward all of my life,
It ends now,
No more frowns, only silence,
Silence from the kid you all made fun off,
It ends now,

No more of the looking down and walking away mad,
It ends now,
No more crap to take from immature souls,
Suicide isn’t for me, sticking up for myself is,

So many people are different but yet we get made fun off,
Go ahead and call me fat,
I can see it,
Call me stupid or dumb,
I can take it,
Don’t push me, it’s done from here,

It ends now, all the laughs at me,
All the rude comments and the remarks,
The fact I’m always ignored, it ends now,

I can deal with being alone, I can take hating myself,
Don’t put your hands on me,
Because in my mind it ends now,
It has to,
The silence ends now.

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