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My Grandma Rose

October 8, 2009
By Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
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I’ve been hearing these voices,
So many stories to tell,
None the time to write,
So lets make a song to sing,

This isn’t about my life nor anyone else’s,
This is about the dead,
About their stories that was never told,
So many voices/cries unheard,
Only to ignore the true pain that they felt inside,
I’m sorry I never listened,
I wish I did,

Now speak to me, tell me what is on your mind,
a lot of the time I can feel you here by my side,
The stories doesn’t have to be about love or hate,
But the happy years in their life,
I’m listening, so is everyone else,

I really do need you to hear my story as well, but this time,
I’ll be quiet and hear your memory voice,
The clouds as your face,
Picturing your still alive and breathing like me,
We can laugh together or cry,
Doesn’t matter, I just need to hear your story,

A lot to be explained, not to long to let go,
Your always here with me as long as I am listening.
I miss you, so please tell me how it is,
Remember I'm listening.

The author's comments:
This is about my Grandma Rose. It's about how I was to young to listen to her stories and wanted to play now regreting it.

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