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Thought of being alone

October 8, 2009
By Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
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Even in our Darkest hour, we must always remember never to spare.

Alone in this world with no one to help,
So far in a mess I can’t get out,
I have to rely on me and only I,
For if I don’t,
I will die, soon I will be free,
Because of I,
No one was there when I needed them,

But this isn’t true, you have friends that have been there,
Every single moment,
Nothing to loose but a loving soul,

On my own is alright for me,
Make sure to be gone,
Not for too long, no one listens,
So I just talk to myself,

You don’t have to talk to yourself,
Talk to me, I’m here and always will,

In a dark room, scary place,
Alone I sit and make new imaginary friends,
At least they are here for me when I speak,
They don’t reply,
I am alone until the day,
The day I finally rest,
Then I can truly say I am alone.

The day when everyone will join and you’ll notice love.

The author's comments:
This was about being alone, but I changed it to friends being there and no one is really ever alone.

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