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Untitled #2

September 25, 2009
By Hannah523 SILVER, Winterport, Maine
Hannah523 SILVER, Winterport, Maine
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What's that boy's name?
The cute one, the brunette.
The one that's standing there,
like a silhouette

He's talking with those girls-
The pretty ones, who flirt.
The one who looks so skinny
wearing that blue shirt

He's holding a guitar,
strumming chords with his hands.
Playing songs in acoustic
gallantly, he stands.

His eyes, they glisten
like new glass tiles,
that dance in the light
every time he smiles.

The muscles in his arms-
small, but yet so fine
could hold a girls heart perfectly.
How I wish it were mine.

His hair is falling in his face
yet perfectly, no mess.
Yes, this will be the boy
who puts my heart in stress.

He'll be the one I cry about
at night when I can't sleep.
The one who will be on my mind
and in my heart I'll keep.

But for now I wish he'd look,
come by and let me flirt.
I'd tell him his guitar is great
and that I love that shirt.

The author's comments:
Once again, rhyming poetry isn't my thing. But sometimes that's the only thing that comes out. :)

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