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July 6, 2009
By Melissa Dalis BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Melissa Dalis BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Gracefully lifting yourself off of the ground and flying into the sky
Beautiful long dress that sweeps effortlessly across the floor
A set meter that immediately transforms poetry into music
Smooth, slender legs stretching to the end of the bed
Splashing water on your face to wash away the dirt
Swimming fifty meters in less than thirty seconds
Fresh fruits and vegetables dripping with water
Four touching pencils neatly lined up in a row
Mathematical proof for infinitely many cases
Gazing passionately into your lover’s eyes
Young children playing in autumn leaves
Glowing bronze after lying under the sun
First snowflake falling onto your tongue
Acing a test after only studying an hour
Impeccable tongue of native speakers
The sweet scent of a spray of perfume
Salty tears erupting with emotion
Music that soothes you to sleep
Proving your hypothesis
Absolute certainty
Bewildering moment
Biting your lip with anxiety
Pouring your heart into the race
A book with an irritating cliffhanger
A vast ocean that continues for miles
Sacrificing lyrics for the sake of reality
Question marks and exclamation points
Writer’s block with only a paragraph left
A Fermat conjecture begging to be solved
Beating heart throbbing with anticipation
Immersing yourself with useless information
Utter silence dominated by rampant thoughts
Laughing so hard that you can’t even breathe
Leaving the basketball court covered in sweat
Recovering from your mistakes with no regrets
Allowing a spontaneous urge to ruin your plans
Approaching stalemate during a political discussion
Exhausting an entire eraser to solve a calculus problem
A sudden roller coaster drop making your stomach plunge
Fighting your dreams with the possibility of devastating failure

The author's comments:
(The poem below is meant to be center-justified to form an hourglass)

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