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The Real Cinderella

June 22, 2009
By SierraWilkerson SILVER, Old Hickory, Tennessee
SierraWilkerson SILVER, Old Hickory, Tennessee
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_The real Cinderella_
Cinderella a truly tragic tale, how her thoughts of heaven drove her to hell, Upon her graceful entrance, the music stopped, all eyes on her, her heart raced so fast the crowd turned a blur, and just the moment when her eyes could focus, she looked up to see his face, through the pale light she could see every trace. He reached for her hand, she resisted for fear, that with just one dance she would always need him near. Just like magnets she fell prey to his pulling eyes, those sweetly muttered words that would come to be goodbyes. He led her through the speechless crowd, but they all knew, just another poor girl who will believe his words true. He held her close as if death couldn’t keep him away; they danced through the night not wishing for day. She felt herself falling, deeper each dance, the new growing fear of feeling romance. His beautiful words spilt like poison through her soul, penetrating locked barriers, taking control. They stopped under moonlight; he put her hand to his heart, and told her that it was hers from the start. At that moment she dropped her guard and fell in love, forgetting rationality and the suspicion of who he was known to be, she told her self it would be different with me. So as time passed her love for him grew, as she thought his did to, but manipulation was his game and she was his favorite pawn, yet another toy for a greedy little boy. His kisses laid promises that things would get better, his voice still sent chills, every sick addictive piece of him was better than pills, and those eyes, those beautiful haunting eyes that were burned into her memory, she couldn’t blink them out. Later and later he would stay away sometimes no word from him until the next day, sadness moved into her heart breaking as it came, yet his excuses remained the same, recycled reused, and with questioned replies. She tried to hate him, but he stole her with another perfect line, all the i'm sorries and I love you’s and your heart is mine, couldn’t keep her from dying inside. He said he would change, but his imperfections only shined through, his love for her she needed to be true. Until one night she found out about his lie, she couldn’t take seeing them together, for inside she was falling apart. Desperate and alone she grabbed the knife with good intentions to end her life, he walked in just as she was about to end it all, there gaze met and she let the knife fall, he ran to her and held her close asking her why? She told him that she saw them together, she couldn’t take the pain, there entire future had all been a game, his expression changed and something began to stir inside his eyes, he stood and looked down at her on the floor, picked up the knife and placed it at her feet, smiled sickly and told her she knew what to do, that she was worthless to him now he had no need for her anymore, that all the things he told her were words and nothing more. Prince charming not so charming underneath the mask, this feeling of parting she just couldn’t grasp, shaking hands, broken heart, a princess tiara that was a lie from the start, so through tears and oblivion she let the blade quench its desire, she gasped as it burned across her skin like fire, rubies poured from her veins taking her dress and turning it to stains, glass slippers now shards of glass, mixed in with the rubies that spilled out too fast. Cinderella a tragic tale, on how happily ever after ended her life, a fallen star that burnt out that night.

The author's comments:
not all fairytales are happy in the eyes of some one broken hearted.

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