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opening my eyes

August 21, 2009
By kellygurl365 SILVER, Cave Junction, Oregon
kellygurl365 SILVER, Cave Junction, Oregon
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Today is the day that I grow my Wings,
Risking the loss of everything

Taking time out of my day,
To listen to what others have to say,

Finding out what I can be,
Opening my eye to finally see,

All the hurt and all the pain,
That others hide just to gain,

A few more bucks,
Our economy sucks,

Finding it hard to make ends meat,
Just to have your family eat,

Taking my problems and throwing them aside,
To hear what others are feeling inside,

Sometimes listening is all they need,
Forgetting about all the greed,

It doesn’t matter what you do,
As long as they hear I’ll be there for you.”

So for one second take a sit,
Embrace it all, let it hit,

The only thing that I am trying to say,
Is take some time out of YOUR day,

To listen to a friend, embrace,
Let them know that life isn’t a race,

There are no losers or any winners,
But there will always be the beginners,

Slowly learning what it takes,
By learning through their small mistakes,

Trying to find out who they’ll be,
Figuring out advice is free,

So next time that a beginner asks you,
You may not tell them what to do,

Hints and tips is what you’ll give,
But they will find out how to live,

Watching others lives grow and change,
Leaves you feeling lost and strange,

But one thing that you must always remember and know,
Is that a true gift is watching your advise help others grow!

Become a better person!




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