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The Canidae's Cry

August 12, 2009
By ariwrites94 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
ariwrites94 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
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Hunters once thought they made ones safe
Expired wolves, all over they lay
Town surrounded with children there
In meadows played, forests shared
Surrounding the towns they were,
Separated from the outside world.
Wolves once ran when they saw a face,
Their own shadows they once chased
From winter to sprig they were kept away
And if territory they crossed, in their grave they'd lay.
But by Summer's came, they were dying out by tens
They had had enough, they wanted revenge.
So the ones residual, grouping their pack,
Their neighboring town was under attack
Two split off, one this way and that
Confusing the hunter for planning he lacked.
Blood now tricked down the hill down to the stream
The only source with much abundance now unclean
And when ones from towns, the stream they swigged,
ailing they became when they did.
So out from the forests, down from the hill they came
Total fifty in all, all was left of the Canidaes
They go for small ones, ones with no means
Ones that can't hasten themselves because supporting they need.
They carry them by their tiny cloths
The mothers, they cry, their face, a reddening woe.
But these carnivores are not cannibals, this was just a threat
All they wanted was to be treated with more respect.
So in their caves, one child per all, they wait lying down
for some cry to arise, sparking the town.

Back at the town, all ones are sick
and mentally distraught, every mother frantic
Physically indisposed, the stream to blame
And for one poor widow, two losses they became.
"Hineros, Hineros!" she called the hunters name
But he's not there, his life the Canidaes claimed.
So back on her sickbed she does go
To weep, to mourn, blowing her nose.
So eventually the Canidae's cry got around
Putting in shock, the entire town:
"Our little ones now are probly' notin' but rubbish!"
"The killing of them was not right and was foolish!"
But then a hush came across the crowd
When poor Hineros's body was found.
But soon thereafter the town came to a charter
Yet certain ones knew deep down that the Canidae's were smarter.
Meat they'd lay across the hill
And when they came, their leader they'd kill
And not realizing how many there were just yet,
They went ahead and set up their trap.

Awaiting in caves, the Canidaes did
For some sort of noise or smell acrid
But not acrid did they learn, but the smell of something sweet
Something to bite, something to eat.
But a warning smell filled their noses to the brim,
They knew of ones presence, they knew a trap they'd begin
So they drowned out all their drooling tongues
And they pushed away the thoughts of free meals among.
So there they stayed,
Upon the ground they laid.

The hunters that spied across the hill
They waited and waited, with no Canidae's killed
For not one even peeked out from the bush
The one right beside where the lonely meat stood.
Now the widow, she waited, watching them wait
She waited and waited, and still not a single one came.
She had known in her heart even before, now after
That the Canidae's were gonna be smarter.
But then she did hear a little one cry,
A sigh of relief, they were still alive!
So right then and there she figured out why
They Canidae's came and called the Canidae's cry.
So then she snuck into the lonely forest by herself
For not threat to arise, she went by herself.
She walked and walked to where she knew of the den to be
She then secreted behind a florescence tree.

The Canidaes smelt that smell, they had waited
The the smell that they smelled, the one that was acrid.
Their plan was one that no human could understand.
They were to wait for the humans, whoever came,
And if more than one came, with guns and with spears
One child's flesh they would tear
Then if they started to attack
If they'd threatened to kill the rest of the pack,
The Canidaes would surely cry
And not a single child would remain alive.
Yet, if just one came, rested and unarmed,
The children would be sent away without being harmed.
So with the smell, they brought them out, they all came,
Fifty in all, one for each Canidae.
So the leader set out to follow the smell
To find the one that was brave but unwell.

Behind a tree the widow did sit
Planning her next move, hoping she'd live.
But then when she heard a leaf crack, she then delayed
Then several more, she knew were more, to her dismay.
She took a deep breath, then turned around to see
Five cautious wolves staring back at thee
But they seemed somehow different in some odd way
And the widow felt no threat to run away.
The leader stared at her and tilted his head
Seemingly showing her friendliness and peace instead.
The leader then reached out from behind him
And pulled out a small one that looked safe but tired.
The widow's eyes widened for this was her son she faced
She reached out for him and they lovingly embraced.
Tears run from her eyes, her face being smeared
"Oh thank you!" she said, letting out her tears.
But then came out the rest of the pack
One child per one sitting upon their back.
She felt relieved, not a single one harmed!
The vision of beasts, well most certainly not!
So to her town they did her follow
And the mother retrieved their little ones after each other.
Soon the whole town saw
That the Canidaes were not a threat at all
So they fired their guards and retired their spears
For the thought of the Canidaes now brought no fear
And so the Canidae's cry turned into a Canidae's smile
And that acrid smell turned into a sweet worthwhile
And soon the boundaries were completely disregarded
For a new species of friends they had started.
And all this, as you know, is owed
To the sicked yet brave-stricken widow.

So this, dear friends, is a lesson for all
It doesn't matter if your stout or tall
Maybe your perception of someone else
May bot be true at all, it may be completely something else.
So no matter who you are, everyone has feelings
So before you start hurting, before you start dealing
Remember these words: respect is the key
Treat others the way that you want to be treated
Then everyone would get along and hatefulness would end
Who knows, one day, your worst enemy might end up your friend.

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