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August 5, 2009
By carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
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What happens to
when life gets tough
and all the feelings
of happiness have
v a n i s h e d ?
What happens to
when hope seems to be
What happens to

I am a dreamer.
My dream is to live my life as
free as possible
no boundaries
and no connection to man.
I believe this dream
has always been with me,
but it has taken time
to uncover.
When life started getting difficult,
I felt alone and unhappy
but the dream lived on.
When I lost my hope
and lost my love
the dream lived on
and even now,
reflecting upon my life
the dream still lives on.
It lives through the instincts
of dog and wolf.
It lives through the call
the call of the wild.
It lives through the generations
of now and of those to come.
It lives through me
because I am a legend.
I did not wait for
freedom to come to me,
I went after it.
I sacrificed for it
and in return,
I am a legend.
It took hard work,
courage, bravery,
and hope
to follow my dream
of freedom.
I am a legend
because I chased my dream
and I overcame the most
difficult obstacle to overcome.
I am a dreamer.

George and Lennie
I am a dreamer.

I am a dreamer.
I dream of independence
and happiness.

I dream of being with George
and petting those soft rabbits…
My dream, my vision, my hope
can only come true if I work for it.
Life is not easy,
but I will do anything for
this dream.

I can’t wait for George to
go out and get that place—
then we can have rabbits
and I get to tend to them,
I get to tend to them.
But, I have a secret dream.
Besides my dream for our own place,
I dream of
j o y.
I dream of the
joy of seeing Lennie
finally safe where
nobody can touch him.
We will be happy.

I know George will get our place.
He is my best friend
and I can always
t r u s t
him and believe
that he loves me.
I really hope he love me,
because I love him.
There isn’t anyone else in the
world that I would rather be with.
George is my best friend.
We will be happy.
Lennie will be safe and
I will no longer fear the world.
together, we will be happy
and my dream of
independence and happiness
will finally come true
as long as Lennie is by my side.

George is always with me.

I can’t imagine myself
without him.
My dream of rabbits
would fall apart.
My dream of being with George
would fall apart
if he left.
That is why I am happy I have someone
helping me along the way.
We all need someone
and we have each other
our dreams will come
as long as we are
t o g e t h e r .
When we have problems
we keep dreaming.
When we lose happiness
We keep dreaming.
When we lose hope
We keep dreaming
and we will dream our
dreams to reality because
We are dreamers.

Arnold Spirit Jr.
I am a dreamer.
My dream I dream of is
to pursue my dreams.
I will not stop.
Down my river that is my
life, I meet
but that does not stop me.
I conquer each one
and victoriously keep sailing.
When I meet barriers
like the difficulty of life
I keep sailing
When I feel as if all
happiness has disappeared
I keep sailing.
When it seems that I have
lost hope,
I go out and find it.
I will leave my home
in search of hope
but I have not really left
home at all.
My river is my home
and my river is my life.
My dream, to chase my dreams
has taken me on a
I have gone through a lot
and I have learned.
Tears are the same as laughter.
Hope is always there,
I just have to find it.
And my dreams, every single one,
I can chase.
And it is through chasing
my dreams that I pursue them.
Nothing will stop me from
s o a r i n g
down my river
and chasing my dreams.
I am a dreamer.

All Characters
We are dreamers.
Though we all have
different dreams
and visions,
we all need something
h o p e .
We need hope to find
and then we can
chase our dreams.
We are different
but we all have barriers.
We need to overcome
each one and then
overcome ourselves.
We need someone.
Someone by use to
encourage and love
because without love,
dreams do not exist.
What makes dreams come true?
The heart of our dream
is love
The soul of our dream
is friendship
and the result
is unity
a dream that we will forever
because life is like a
w i n d in g
Our path changes
because none of them are set in stone.
and we change,
but our dream lives on.
What happens to dreams
when life gets tough
when happiness deserts us
and when hope seems to be lost?
We keep dreaming
and through hard work and love,
we chase our dreams.
Nothing will stop us because
We are dreamers.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because I read the books: The Call of the Wild (Buck), Of Mice and Men (George and Lennie), and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (Arnold). I put parts of these stories together and then found that they all had something in common. If you read all of these books and think about the similarities between them, I'm sure you will understand this poem. :)

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