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The Call of the Wild

August 5, 2009
By carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
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Into the Primitive
There is a path that each person has
and none of them are the same.
But the paths are not set in stone.
No, there is still time
time to change
and when circumstances come upon me
I change.
kidnapped and tormented,
taken away from home
whisked away to an unknown place,
a primitive land.
running down the path of life
I just need to survive
I just need to live a little bit longer.

The Law of Club and Fang
When my path changes, I change too.
Who I was has disappeared.
others realize the transformation
but do I?
Living in constant peril,
and living under the power of man,
and those dogs greater than I.
the law of club and fang.
I have changed my path
and my identity has transformed into something new.
I don’t know what it has become
but I will find out.

The Dominate Primordial Beast
Running down the path of life
what do I discover?
I find the strength, the courage
to obtain leadership.
What do I believe in?
earning my place
and taking it.
no dog or man is better
I have proven it with blood
the blood of not only my own
but that of Spitz, too.
I am strong and
nothing will ever bring me down.

Who has Won to Mastership
Is my mission accomplished?
I have completed only part of the task.
Do I know the task?
Not yet, but I will keep looking
for the answer.
All that I have been through,
suffering and denied my
rightful place of mastership
I may be strong, but
I need the answer.
I see it in my dreams
I dream of peace and my past
I dream of who I was
before the transformation
before my life
I see the answer
slowly making its way into my life
so that when I find it,
there is no question what it means.
I are learning who I was
who I am
and then I can change the future.
My path is becoming clearer.

The Toil of Trace and Trail
My life changes, my path changes
and after I have dreamt of peace and life
I am struck down
by the harsh cries of the wild.
I have gone through too much
never stopping
never caring for my needs,
a continuous hunt for something greater.
A part of me wants to give up
but I endure the pain.
I keep going
because at the end of the path
I will be rewarded.

For the Love of a Man
There is a man
standing on my path of life.
he shines like the sun
and smiles with care
he is my savior
He understands my problems
he helps me pursue my dreams
he is my friend when I need one
and in turn to his kindness,
I give him my life
and protection.
All the pain has disappeared and
I experience a new sensation.
I feel love, true love
unconditional love that can never be replaced.
What is more important than this?

The Sounding of The Call
All throughout my path,
my life,
I am looking for something.
And when I found that true love,
I was blinded from my quest.
The quest has not been forgotten, though.
A distant call awakens my ancestors
living deep within me.
The instincts and feelings
flood back.
What is more important than love?
I am looking for my purpose
and sometimes I must sacrifice to find it.
Save one person or save those of future generations
it is my decision.
What I have learned through life
teaches me that love is always there
even when that whom I love is not.
I dread knowing that because I left
in search of purpose
and a greater meaning to my life
I lost my love.
but I gained so much more
and when I know my purpose,
I share it with the world and
I am a legend
remembered forever,
changing the world
changing those of generations to come.
Now the world must go and find
their purpose.
What I give is what matters.
I found my path.
Running down the path of life
I overcome obstacles
but even more, I overcome

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because I read the book: The Call of the Wild. I wrote one part for each of the 7 chapters. In the poem, it is the main character, Buck, speaking and trying to tell the world what he has gone through. I'm sure that if you read this book my poem will make sense. :)

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