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August 2, 2009
By tainted SILVER, Portland, Oregon
tainted SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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your intoxications are getting vexatious.
Red was always your preferred taste because it made the buzz of liquor coarse through your veins like a blade through so much white silk.
You draw the evenings well into morning and the bags under your eyes are carved deeper into your skin with every sleepless night. You're woozy like bad eye site, and in your dissipated state, you hear your pulse thrum like jazz in an echo chamber of drowned brain cells. Screams and screams but the walls continue to merge with the torment of a night terror.
I will never be like you.

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on Dec. 31 2009 at 8:50 pm
aliciajenae BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Honestly I do not have the moment anyhow.

Um, wow! You are an AMAZING writer! You are also near by me. It would be cool if we could chat and exchange ideas. I have yet to post anything, but I am working on it. When I do post something, please give me some feedback! You are AMAZING!!!!