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The Wheel of Life

August 5, 2009
By carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
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Life is endless.
Naturally, we begin at the beginning.
We are born, and start growing.
Every day, gaining knowledge of the world and
imagining our lives in the future.
People are continually influencing our lives
Our family and their love
Our friends and their encouragement
Even those we don’t know influence us
because someday in life,
all cultures will come together as one
all ages will be friends and
all enemies will no longer be at war.
But that will happen at the end.
Now, it is the middle.
We use the knowledge we have gained and help the world,
one person at a time,
one community at a time,
one country at a time
until we have completed our task,
our task to make a difference.
Now we are almost finished.
We look back at our lives and feel accomplished.
We prosper in our joy and the fact
that we have helped the lives of future generations.
So now they begin their lives
but it is time to finish ours.
We are leaving them, but we are not gone.
We give back the love our families gave us.
We give back the encouragement our friends gave us.
We give back our memories to the world
so that they might follow us in our steps
and make their own difference for the world.
Life is just a cycle, a simple wheel,
that is endless.

The author's comments:
My language arts teacher decided to take us to the nearby University to see a Sand Mandala that the monks from Tibet were making. It was truly a great experience to see every intricate detail they created only out of bits of sand. There were also many cultural items included in this 'exhibit' and one of them was a painting of what the people from Tibet call the 'Circle of Life'. She told us to think about all of the things we saw and so I wrote this poem.

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