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pain and loss

July 11, 2009
By scotttyboy SILVER,, Ohio
scotttyboy SILVER,, Ohio
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I've been broken
I've been shattered
I've been crushed
Yet here i stand

Strong and healthy
i live on
no matter how hurt i am

You said you'd never leave me
Yet here i stand alone
Lost without you, inside myself
I've no place left to go

You say you're sorry
but i'm to much
to handle all alone

So why did you take me back
the first time if you
were just to let me go?

The author's comments:
when a women i thought loved me broke my heart these words fell on to the paper just as my tears fell to my feet....i hope you enjoy it...): )

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Zero_K DIAMOND said...
on Jul. 22 2009 at 10:29 pm
Zero_K DIAMOND, Moosic, Pennsylvania
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Wow, I love the emotion in this, especially since it came from real life experiences. If she could do that to you then you know she really wasn't worth it. There are plenty of fish in the sea (but who wants to date a fish, right?) When you find the right person, you'll know. Bravo!