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What if a child ruled the world

July 9, 2009
By BabyV GOLD, Jachksoville, Florida
BabyV GOLD, Jachksoville, Florida
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What will happen if a child rule the world?
Would it be all destruction and poverty?
Or peace and harmony
The world is so filled with hate
Destruction and evil is the world’s fate
Like no one knows the difference between right or wrong
The world wonders how long
How long do the world have to deal with such hate and sorrow
For no hope for tomorrow

No one talks anymore before violence
Where is peace?
Everybody is like immature children
They argue and fight
But they will never get it right
That’s not how problems are solve

They are solved by love
When you fight who win
When people die at the end
Love ones are lost 1
The world is being torn apart 1
All because people think if we destroy the enemy its over
It’s never going to be over
If we don’t learn how to solve the ultimate question
Why can’t we get along?
Everybody being together
What’s so wrong?
Maybe we can have peace
No more violence
Live in a world that we are not afraid
That it’s the end
If we don’t learn this one day it will be the end
For everybody

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