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July 8, 2009
By EAEmerson BRONZE, Nampa, Idaho
EAEmerson BRONZE, Nampa, Idaho
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That snow it fell like night-dreams upon her loose-let hair
and from her oceanic eyes, a cold and lonely stare.
Lonely ghost among the trees, followed not by who
Here one moment gone the next within the stormy brew.
Precious glance was all you need to capture radiant face
and one flutter of her cloak a mystery and grace.
Deep set footprints on the ground for such a lithe, cool form,
Follow her footprints here and there though hidden in the storm.
Have you known her all your life or is she but a wishful dream?
Perhaps she was an angel...or are things not what they seem?
A dove, a wolf, a bird, so careful, quick and light,
come back to me I pray of thee, from cold and bitter night.
I have a place inside my arms, protect your graceful form
And as your wings would brush my face, I'd keep you safe and warm.
Come back my angel,
to hear your voice, would stop my soul impart
And then I'd lay your weary head upon my beating heart.
I'd follow you into the woods but I do not know the way.
Soon, I know, you'll show your face at the breaking light of day.
But where are you going?
Trust, I will follow you.
Dreaming of your memory...
but I only wish I knew...

The author's comments:
I hope the reader will capture the radiant mystery of the "angel" in the piece. Whether it seem to them like something ethereal, or maybe someone tangible. When I wrote this I did not speak for myself, but rather personifying my feelings in a situation. Just let your mind visualize it with the words.

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