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Rose-Colored Glasses

July 7, 2009
By Hero2Ibro SILVER, Triangle, Virginia
Hero2Ibro SILVER, Triangle, Virginia
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I see, through Rose-Colored Glasses,
and change my views from the millions of the masses.
You've left them on me;
so beautified these things be,
I'd deem you selfish but selflessness is all I see.

Dreams of me and you as I pick you up and glide you through the air
the glimmer in your eyes as I create your vanilla skies,
and touch is real,
and I love to feel love within our invisible seal.
Celestial senses above my earthly spirit transcend unto my place just around the bend,
and if I repeat I love you maybe my message will be sent.
To be received unto your ears;
when you cry my glasses catch your graceful tears.

Force on me love and I fight back with heated kisses,
that rain down with my passion, baby I'd leave you breathless!
Entwined by such a power,
a spell you've placed on me.
Take away my freedom and let your presence engulf me!!
Divine, heavenly lips, I thirst for you, you are my wine;
my ambrosia, my golden apple who freezes all time...and space!!!
......Just so I can lay by your place,
to press your body with mine, let our hearts match in pace.

Take these off me,
remove the lens from my eyes.
So I can see all the world's ugly;
and appreciate what's inside.
A smile....a laugh, the times we remember and will soon have;
with these Rose-Colored Glasses, I couldn't see the bad.
When you cried, when you screamed, even the so-called bad singing,
Don't hide them from me,
because yes, I love those stupid things.

In recognizing the majestic things,
I'm not the most keen or the fastest;
But in knowing your special, amazing and wonderful;
I don't need Rose-Colored Glasses.

The author's comments:
Real from the heart yall

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