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Untitled Hurt.

June 25, 2009
By Torrzilla GOLD, Ames, Iowa
Torrzilla GOLD, Ames, Iowa
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I’m hurting.

I’m crying.

I’m losing it.

I’m falling…
Farther down I go.

With out you.


You’re gone.

You’re lost.

You’re whole.

You’re still on soild ground…
Above the water.
Still breathing.
Farther away from me.

You were; you are my best friend.
You were; you are my light in the darkness.
You were; you are my love.

Where did you go?
Why didn’t you take me?
Why did you leave me?

Out in the open, hurt, and bleeding.
Why did you cut me off?

To be left for dead,
While my demons are slowly eating me alive.

You’re no where to be found.
You were; you are the only one who could help me keep my sanity.

But when you left you took that too.

The author's comments:
My Best Guy Friend who is also my crush just stopped talking to me. I have my ideas why, but other then my ideas I have no idea why. It kills(ed) me, because he really saved me.

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