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Liberally Engineered

June 23, 2009
By Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
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Society, what the ***?
It's all corupt
Filled with villains
All out to make a killin'
On our wealth
Neverminding our health
Sell us products to waste
Give us diseases and not enough space
You can't even have your own place
with out paying tax
They take our land right out of our hands
Make us suffer for what they call profit
and yet they say we must muster for lower wages

So flip the pages of wisdom
Dig out ya' brain what you really think
Propaganda spreading, making us weak
only the blind are recognized to see
We have a crisis on our hand
Bigger than any man
Corporations taking out Jungles
Disasters and death all part of their "plan"
Doing nothing for us, in the new found land
America the beautiful is becoming America the waste land

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