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June 5, 2023
By KaiTrammell PLATINUM, Highwood, Montana
KaiTrammell PLATINUM, Highwood, Montana
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"The truth as always resists simplicity" John Green

Her eyes shimmer in the night sky

Entering my soul with her beauty

Affectionate love that is not mine to have

Radient warmth that heats my cold heart

This warmth is not ment to thaw me

Backgrounds are where I lie

Remembered in your shadow

Enamored by a fake love

Adored by your apathy

Kissed by thorns that pierce my skin so lovingly

The author's comments:

I felt like this is what heartbreak truly was for me. Secretly knowing that the love you want is toxic and fake hurts so much. Knowing that the love that you desire and want so bad will never truly be, is heartbreak in itself.

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