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All in a Moment

June 14, 2009
By NaTivE_BeAutiE GOLD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
NaTivE_BeAutiE GOLD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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You were here with me
One moment
The next

Everything changed
The moment
You called
and told me that
the immigration came
and took you away,
and all in a moment
my tears spilled out and flowed
like the Rio Grande
all in a moment
my prayers went up
into el cielo
like the plane that took you back
to a country you
could barely even recognize

But you come to visit me sometimes
in my dreams I see your face
in my thoughts I hear your laughter
on my mind
every moment

can take that away from me

The author's comments:
This piece was originally written for my boyfriend who at the time had been deported, but it is also dedicated to the people who have lost someone they truly love.

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