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I Am...

June 13, 2009
By Fashionista828 PLATINUM, Vienna, Virginia
Fashionista828 PLATINUM, Vienna, Virginia
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I am a daughter
I wonder about my parents’ future
I hear them talking about my grades
I see them loving me and my brothers
I want to be like my parents
I pretend to listen when we fight
I feel my mother’s hugs and kisses
I touch my mother and father’s hearts
I worry about my relationship with them
I cry when we fight
I understand why we fight
I say “I’m sorry”
I dream about my future with them
I try to be nicer to them
I hope that we will be nice to each other
I am a loving daughter

I am a sister
I wonder about my brothers’ futures
I hear them wrestling
I see them shouting
I want to make them stop
I pretend that I never had any brothers
I feel my brother pinching me
I touch the pressure point in his neck
I worry about our relationship
I cry when I hurt them
I understand why they do this
I say “I’m sorry” again
I dream of a happy life with no brothers
I try to not hurt them as much
I hope we will be friends in the future
I am a compassionate sister

I am a friend
I wonder about my friends
I hear them laughing
I see them talking
I want to be part of the conversation
I pretend I have better things to do
I feel the hatred of exclusion
I touch my friends’ shoulders
I worry that they would not like my ideas
I cry when they are mean to me
I understand that they mean no harm
I say “Can I come too?”
I dream of better friends
I try to talk to them
I hope I will find better friends in high school
I am a lonely friend

I am a human being
I wonder about my future
I hear my ipod playing
I see the blue skies
I want to know what my career will be
I pretend to be a damsel in distress
I feel the sun on my skin
I touch the soft grass
I worry about the environment
I cry when someone dies
I understand the world around me
I say what I feel like
I dream of falling in love
I try to be a better person
I hope I will reach the kingdom of God
I am one of many creations of God

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