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A Monster That Creeps

January 26, 2023
By KaiTrammell PLATINUM, Highwood, Montana
KaiTrammell PLATINUM, Highwood, Montana
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I live with a monster, it creeps around my bedroom and spits comments at me that burn my skin like a sizzling drop of oil. It follows me around and whispers fear, bringing comments into my ears. The monster terrifies me no doubt but my most breathtaking part is that my monster pretends to care, pretends to love me. It’s hard to be scared of the one who claims to love you most. When I pass mirrors I seem to find my monster in my reflection, in my own eyes I begin to see the one who terrifies me. In my own heart I seem to find my enemy, in the words I say, I feel that fake comfort. I notice that the monster that keeps me up so late at night is the words that I’ve burned so deep into my own brain. This monster isn’t a big hairy creature, this monster is me. 

The author's comments:

This is yet again a vignette I wrote for school. From a very young age I became my own biggest bully and I wanted to show in the vignette that I was realizing that.

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