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Good Concealer and Long Sleeves = Healthy Childhood

June 7, 2009
By Kay Matthews PLATINUM, Bolton, Massachusetts
Kay Matthews PLATINUM, Bolton, Massachusetts
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I am not white I am black and blue,
Watering me down piece by piece in the washing machine,
I will no longer subordinate under your reign of terror,
You make rainbows fall out of the protective sky,
Does this carnage make you feel complete?
It seemed you have put all my happiness through a shredder,
Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to want to come home,
Although you deserve neither any reverence nor any of my trust,
I ’m going to let you in on a little secret,
My constant tardiness and frequent absence is an intentional accident,
You sadistically leave me on the clothesline to show your victory,
I am running out of excuses for going back to you,
You act as an eraser taking away all my “mistaken” confidence,
I almost forget that hands were made for holding,
That arms were meant for hugging,
It’s sad that flinching is a normal reaction to close contact,
My admiration for you is ceaselessly bruised,

I time travel through a life of shoddy memories
Bruises and bloody noses seems to be my past, present, and future,
Cowering is a hobby of the past,
Self-preservation is a sport of the future,
I find myself praying for no tomorrow.

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