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Why I Will Not Get Out Of Bed

May 29, 2009
By Cori Fine GOLD, Congers, New York
Cori Fine GOLD, Congers, New York
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It’s nighttime, I kick off my shoes and have my last thoughts about that day.
I change into more comfortable clothes and crawl into bed, under my covers.
Before I officially shut my eyes I see that last sight of my ceiling.
Holding my teddy bear tight to me; as if it were my partner, I passed out.
I start to dream; me conquering all those other people that I dread seeing daily.
I’m on top of the world, being the most successful.
Hours go by with my eyes still shut and my breathing keeping me alive.
The alarm goes off…. My eyes open wide.
“Is this really another day?”
Not happy with the reality I slam down on the alarm and go back in bed
I think to my self – “I will not get out of bed today, it’s not worth it.”
It’s not worth hearing people’s thoughts about me
It’s not worth taking test that make me a nervous wreck.
It’s not worth putting on a fake show for everyone.
And with those last thoughts I hug my teddy bear again and shut my eyes
Before I fall asleep, I imagine lightly what could be happening if I was sleeping.
I begin to conquer those people again and again.
I begin to feel better than everyone else, the feeling I should have forever
I feel lighter than a feather floating in my dreams.
I know this is better than being awake.
I fall asleep. Because everyone knows everything is better, when you’re in bed.

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