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Don't Ask

May 29, 2009
By Jacqueline SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
Jacqueline SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
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“I would give up everything I have for you,”
He said.
Then he signed his name on my hand left arm.
And he might have caught me…
Or I might have learned to fly
(if I did, it wasn’t alone)
Then he told me, directly told me,
“I love you,”
And I couldn’t respond because
It was the first time he had ever told me the truth.

The room shifted, space grew between us
We tried to beat the room’s gravity
(that’s what I was supposed to do)
Then I was carried away by blue eyes and gentler palms
That didn’t let me down.

He didn’t give up anything but sanity for me
But took every “I’m sorry,”
I could choke out,

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