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My Mom Julie

June 4, 2009
By leahanna lewis BRONZE, Ronceverte, West Virginia
leahanna lewis BRONZE, Ronceverte, West Virginia
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This is a poem to my mom Julie,
through whom I also know my dad,
in whom she found a star-crossed true love,
which someone weaker might’ve died to lose.
My beautiful mother,
who’s looks have been the subject of many genuine compliments,
but who never let them taint her humbleness.
Whose gorgeous green eyes, stunningly laid
beneath dark, heavy eyelashes I’ve seen
flash with anger at my teenage ignorance,
blur under tears of grief, of loss, of death, but which
I most love to see twinkle as their corners crinkle
in deep laugh lines.
My selfless mother, who was willing, even happy,
to run me up and down the road,
to practice after practice after practice,
not because you had to, but
because you wanted me to succeed,
and you’ve bestowed in me the want to succeed,
and for this,
and innumerous other things,
I am indescribably grateful.
So I write this for life, for love, for
you, my mother Julie.

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