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June 4, 2009
By mavaabrat3 PLATINUM, Palm Harbor, Florida
mavaabrat3 PLATINUM, Palm Harbor, Florida
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My feelings need a little exposure in order to get closure,
Once out there it leaves room for a little more composure,
The feeling of awkwardness is just so I don’t know…awkward,
Could I salvage the feeling of friendship or just move on forward,
I just want to know if off each other we can still learn and grow,
Or will we have to split separate ways and go,
It’s funny how closure correlates with communication,
And how the innovation of that could make or break a relation,
So I know that “eye to eye” might not mean the same,
And shame might be to blame for the lack of words and being tame,
But the lack of knowing doesn’t shine light on what’s showing
Like the effects fans have on smoke machines blowing,
Like my usage of similes on closure is like a bad comedian joking,
But ill try anything and everything to have closure begin closing,
Knowing that seeing the other side makes me blind,
And the flow of what’s going doesn’t seem to rewind,
Kind of like a lazy river flowing away from my mind,
Ending up in the darkness where it’s hard for anything to find,
So I am waiting until closure to say,
How saying the words of silence isn’t my forte,
Or could we both be waiting for the coming of closure s day,
I pray that the day isn’t far away.

The author's comments:
This came from after I was rejected.

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