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April 20, 2021
By emdotdot04 GOLD, Brooks, Kentucky
emdotdot04 GOLD, Brooks, Kentucky
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Oh Willow,

Why did they never tell you?

Abandoned in the meadows

No Ash tree to attend to

I hear you in the shadows,

Humming in your canoe



Oh Willow,

You are so gone, it seems

Branches scratching at you

With sweet-nothings so serene

And Willow,

This is what I’ll attest to:

Your branches are strong,

Despite your core feeling weak,

This is where you belong!

If you’ll let your sap leak

Belting your triumph in song,

We will turn the Ash Trees meek

For they not deserve

The beauty us Willows keep

The author's comments:

Willow trees are symbolic of feminity, and ash trees are symbolic of masculinity.

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