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April 19, 2021
By emdotdot04 GOLD, Brooks, Kentucky
emdotdot04 GOLD, Brooks, Kentucky
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Skin in ranges
Fair, medium, and deep
And clothing that
Covers the bodies we keep
Different fabrics
Of the same plant
On our arms, our heads,
Our brothers, our friends
And lovers with lovers
Of all genders between
The binary that we are taught
Despite being obscene
A construct
In which we’re confined
Created and obstructed
That rules our lives
And the family we’ve chosen
It kills our sisters
Our family
Our lovers
Our peers
And in the end, we’ll live
With our fists in the air
No white flag insight
And the dead will be mourned
The people that we lost and still adore
Those were taken mid-fight
Were stolen all rights
By all leaders we trust
In God’s name, they thrust
A sword through the lungs,
And they coughed up the blood
With faces growing pale
And hands losing grip
Telling their mothers,
Their fathers,
Their families,
Their kids,
“I’ll love you forever”
As they dropped their fingertips

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