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A Better World

May 22, 2009
By MakeAChangeJGM BRONZE, Magna, Utah
MakeAChangeJGM BRONZE, Magna, Utah
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My dream, is a better future,
for any person or worker..
For everyone to be equal and fair,
and whatever race to be accepted anywhere...
No more crimes of hate,
in any country or state...
No more being told you won't do,
because of the color of you...
For racism to be gone for good,
and for everyone to be understood..
For there to be no war,
no matter what is being fought for..
For the world to be cared about,
and not even for a minute live in doubt...
Our world leaders to come together,
and clear any bad weather...
that surfaced over the years,
because of ignorance and fears..
To be able to walk down the street,
and not have to retreat..
Because of violence,
just over the peace guarding fence..
My dream..
is coming true very slowly it would seem..
But it's making progress with some success,
And picking up the mess of what the world has become,
and then some...
This world will come to an end,
but all these troubles, WE will have to mend.

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