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Last Time

May 21, 2009
By rootbeerfloat92 GOLD, Fort Meade, Maryland
rootbeerfloat92 GOLD, Fort Meade, Maryland
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This is the last time

I'm planning it now
My last spontaneous action
Only seen by you
You won't expect it
When you left
That part of me left too
I think you know
That it's still there
Waiting for the moment
When your face comes
A little too close to mine
Or maybe you think it's been covered
Yet again by my demure
Both thoughts are wrong
But that won't matter

This is the last time

I'll ask you to walk me home
Like you did before
Everyday after school
I'll talk like nothing's different
Until that infamous pathway
We always use to stop at
Something about that spot
Makes us go quiet every time
It's been so long since we've made a memory
I walk through them every day
With you I will stop moving
And keep my eyes on you
As you wonder what to do
I'll move quickly
Letting instinct overtake my lips

This is the last time

I'll walk away with a smile
Amazed I kissed you
Surprising you again
Still stunned from the daze
That always comes from your kisses
I'll be slightly proud
I actually had the nerve to do it
Of course, I'll also be greatly amused
By the expression frozen on your face
Just like how I remember
It won't be ackward
I won't let it be
Even if I see you again
Nothing will have changed
It'll just be our last memory

The author's comments:
So yeah, this will actually be happening the week of May 25-29. One of those days. The seniors last week.

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