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Im coming home

May 20, 2009
By Aspen Otremba BRONZE, Farmington, Minnesota
Aspen Otremba BRONZE, Farmington, Minnesota
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She wrote a year is too long
for you to be there
your helping out the country
but im so scared, for you
I know im being selfish
but what would i do
i cant live my life
If it's not filled with you

4 weeks later a letter arrived
sealed w/ a kiss printed on the front.
she ripped it open, her hear beating fast
to see what was said

I'll come back
I promise you that
Give me some time babe,
you will be mine once again
Ill leave this place and come back to you,
believe me hun, that's all i want to do
And hold you close
Ill never let go
I'm coming back

She read the letter then held it to her chest
tears falling down staining her dress

Letters came and went, all their love with each one sent
Then suddenly they stopped
and she got scared
thinking it happened
what she most feared

A knock at the door
sent chills down her spime
A soldier at the door
she yelled "your alive!"
After a hug he handed her a letter
he said he saved it so he could give it to her
he held her hand as she read,

Im coming home
I promised i would
I came to you
as soon as i could
ANd now that im here
Im never letting go
Distance between us
you'll never again know
I've got only one question baby
Will you marry me?
Cause im home

The author's comments:
mmm... kind of sposed to be a song

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