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My Story

May 15, 2009
By SnickleFritz BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
SnickleFritz BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Forever And Ever Babe"

I used to be the baddest dog in the pound,

Always in the streets with the muts runnin around,

Until this pretty little girl picked me up and took me away,

She let me in her heart and that's where I'll stay,

She showed me how to have fun,

How to live again,

She used to be a girl but now my best friend,

We talk about everything including our get away,

I know we both can't wait to runaway together that day,

Where we will live a dream that can't be destroyed,

Being hand in hand forever as Mr. and Mrs. Boyd,

That is how i plan it, i see,

A perfect dream come true of just you and me.


The author's comments:
I want to dedicate this poem to my girlfriend. Over the summer I was not doing good and I met her. She has changed me so much that its hard for myself to see me sometime. She is so much more that just a girl to me, she is my bestfriend and my real angel. I really dont know where i would be today if it wasn't for her to pick me up off my feet and show me how to live again. I love you and you really are my beautiful angel. Forever and ever babe, I promise

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