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Every Day

May 13, 2009
By blackamethyst GOLD, Centerville, Ohio
blackamethyst GOLD, Centerville, Ohio
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I wake up and
I growl at my alarm clock,
“Bite me.”
Smack the sleep button.
(this happens at least three times)
I have accidentally hit it so hard
the battery came out.)

Stand up and open the door
The dog runs out.
I look down
I’m wearing a black slipknot shirt
And black shorts
my hair is an insanely curly mess
and my eyeliner is smudged
(and it’s all over my hands and pillow)

I eat breakfast
Even though it’s
too early for food

I go back to the bathroom
Apply so much eyeliner that
I’m glad I get the cheap stuff,
For the rate it disappears at.
Black eyeshadow and

I plug in my hair straightener
and try to drag a brush through
This mess,
(it looks the like a combination of
The home of multiple rabid animals and
80’s hair gone incredibly wrong.)
Then I straighten my bangs
Straight over my eyes
I can’t make eye contact unless it’s a glare.
Straighten the rest of my hair,
Leave it down and
Just smirk when someone suggests I pull it back.

Into my room
Plug in my iPod,
Slipknot, Disturbed, Three Days Grace,
and Papa Roach.
It’s how I start my day –
Some people gotta have their coffee,
But me, I gotta have my daily dose of music.

I get dressed, trading in
The slipknot shirt that I wore yesterday
And then fell asleep in
For something else,
Either plain black tee or
Concert shirt or
black and gray jacket over black cami.
Switch the shorts for jeans,
But only because it’s like 40 degrees in may
(stupid Ohio weather)

Add a studded belt,
Four bracelets on the right and
a wristband on the left.
Because I’m a teenager and
Special face wash is not
All it’s made out to be.)

Grab my phone and iPod,
stupid retainer case,
and the book Lindsey asked to borrow.

out to the bus stop,
off to school.
this is how the EMO girl
starts her day

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in hopes of expressing that just because someone dresses or acts a certain way doesn't mean they're an entirely different species and that you can't talk to them. Please give me some feedback!

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on Aug. 8 2009 at 10:58 pm
emo.panda101 BRONZE, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
iam the greatest dork!!

omg this is totlly me i love it

on Jun. 17 2009 at 1:03 am
TJ21992 PLATINUM, Penn Yan, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"No matter how fast light travels, darkness is always there first, waiting!"

Good reasons behind it and so true! I love it!