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The Spots of a Ladybug

May 13, 2009
By ms00001 PLATINUM, Carrollton, Texas
ms00001 PLATINUM, Carrollton, Texas
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Chapter 1

One Autumn Day
A cold front spray
Freezing the tree
The leaves fell to me
One by one they were gone
Until one leaf to be done
And when that last leaf fell
A secret was revealed
That info was located on the root
More precisely on a ladybug that was cute
But it wasn't just one secret
Instead each one of her dots was another regret
A regret of how humans lived wrong
For centuries all along

Chapter 2

One of the dots
Was the lucky spot
As nature's luck
Are found in ladybugs
They hold the truth
To which we do not own
Each one of their dots
Is a secret to be revealed?
If lucky enough the breeze
Fly them to you
Then a secret to be mad
Could be made by you
And to that pure wish
Will it only come true?
But because of their plentiful power
Their protection is as intense as a tower
That tower is a poisonous ladybug
A royal queen to be more exact
Here to protect the extinctions of all ladybugs
One to pass down Generations
Generations of wish keepers
Generations of secret holders
One to make all secrets pure
And to protect life's existence
A poisonous ladybug

Chapter 3

Moving on to the next dot
A more terrifying spot
It was a piece of trash
Ruining a beautiful palace
A palace of natural preservation
Of animals, insect, and plants
All in a wealthy ecosystem
Human junks at its best
Ruining all that is blessed
And because of that trash
Giving the ecosystem a crash
Here comes another teaching
That with all out might, we should try reaching
From offspring to offspring
Generations to Generations
An endless tree of life
Ever growing its branches
The population trend
Adding to its leaves
Breaking the balance
Too heavy for the trunk
As the trend continues
Soon the trunk snaps
All the leaves die
But one thing for sure
The roots are still alive
Life still exist
Ready to start over
An endless cycle
Always repeating
The same mistake
Always reoccurring
When will we learn?
And choose the right branch to walk on
Ending the crucial mistake forever
Smashing that cycle
When will life exist in peace?
Without harm on each species
When will it be over?

Chapter 4

On the next dot
Found an important plot
A story about bees
Flying threw the breeze
And the important job it holds
That nature once told
In its natural environment
The secret us holds
The dangerous, but yet
Important being
Without it life would be difficult
Mating flowers with flowers
The producers of a chain
Remove them, the pyramid fails
The top will never be reached
The success destroyed...
And in a world without flowers,
Without love and without care
What will humans become?
What would animals do?
Would life continue?
Or would it cease to exist?
First the bees, than the flowers
The fruits and the seeds
The vegetarian, the meat lovers
Than all the food is gone
And humans no more...
No more humans, no more love
No more work, no more emotions
No more happiness, not interesting
Just the bees, and no more is left
What will the world do?
This is why nature intended
For the bees to be strong
To be angry and have stings
But then why must they die
Die with only a byte
A bite that warns us, but doesn’t kill
Shouldn't nature's most
Dependent creature
Have the best protecting threats
Especially in today's community
What if someone does take them away?
This crucial secret must be passed down
For its moral may bring a frown
But its message is important...

Chapter 5

With only 3 more dots left
We'll have to tell you the rest
The next circle is unique
But it really does speak
A message all about itself
It starts with a beautiful flower
In the middle of the field
With its colourful bud attracting the wind
Now dangling in the sunshine
Alerting the bugs outside
Dancing in the breeze
Slowly mating with others
It was unique, different
In the middle of the field
Now take the moral
And apply it to your life
It is has powerful as a knife

Chapter 6

The second to last dot has to
Do with dreams
Dreams are endless worlds
Without barriers
Dreams are limitless possibilities
To achieve
Dreams are entertaining ways
To learn the day
Dreams are world of regenerating
In a world without dreams...
People will not learn
From their mistakes
People would overtake
Their mood swings
The world would come
To death...
The world would run out of passion
Passion for eating
Anorexia, Diabetes
Passion for entertainment
40 years in mother's basement
Passion for danger
Broken bones in the hospital
Passion for health
Stuck in a protective bubble
Passion for life,
Do we really want to change?
The delicate balance of passion
By slowly removing dreams
But in the end, we'll figure out
The truth anyway,
The truth about the cause stuck
On dreams
The clause of limits
And realize, that every we do
Must now change.
Because of limits you cannot pass
The barriers to your dreams
The endless possibilities crushed
Leading you out of your path
The wrong signs, wrong turn
Throwing you closer to your fate
Who ever said life was perfect
It’s just an unknown destiny
Broken forever
Balanced with ladybugs and
Other wish keepers

Chapter 7

The last spot
On a ladybug's back
Is a lesson you can guess
About your part in this story
Crucial to the world
You just have to decrypt it...

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