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Our Difference

May 6, 2009
By Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
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Even in our Darkest hour, we must always remember never to spare.

Love is a word, That must be heard,
Death is a place, That the souls stay,
Our life is a curse,
Promises Broken, we are in a damned place,
Waiting for a long ride in a hearse,
Will you be there when I die?
Would you care if I cry while staying awake,
While Death arrives?
This last moment is my lullaby,
Sweet moments we live for,
Winning victories we plead,
A little bit of food they wish for,
While we wish for ultimate greed,
Hoping to get new or worn pair of shoes,
When we leave out of the door with different pairs each day,
Crying all day becase they are cold wishing they had clothes,
While we hope the new style arrives soon,
I want to show you the difference inside,
Lost hope while lust takes over,
I want my lullaby,
I wish he wasn't a drunk,
I wish he was my dad,
I wish he stayed home instead of work of the time,
I wish he was my dad,
They both live different lives,
They both wish for the same hope,
Too bad they both don't get along,
Maybe some day they both can sing a song,
About hope, or what they believe,
Our lullabys must succeed.

The author's comments:
It's mostly two different
people with same problems. It's hard to explain but it's like, everyone is
equal in a way. Wether your preppy, to flat broke, you may have the same
problem. But it also explains the problems in the world. I would like you
to, figure the meaning if you want, and what this poem tells you. Here it

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