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Fatal Love

April 23, 2009
By Forgotten_and_Lost GOLD, Coffeyville, Kansas
Forgotten_and_Lost GOLD, Coffeyville, Kansas
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Will all my lovers have fatal love?
Will I ever find one that will love me forever?
They all say they'd leave me never
But in the end,
They hurt me,
And forgot the love they once knew.

Must I know that they all have someone new?
Must I forget all the love I once knew?
They all left me to face forever
And in the end,
I will recover,
And remember how foolish I was.

I will hurt every second of every day,
I will cry at every mention of their names.
They all left me to face forever,
Even though they said they'd leave me never.
And in the end, I'll be stronger than ever.

Some sweet day,
The dark shadow of a RayneBeau over their heads,
Will finally become a vengeful Storme,
And make all their lovers have Fa+al love,
So that they will know,
The pain they put me through.

The author's comments:
This piece is to all the guys that I gave my heart to only for them to break it into a million shattered pieces for me to find alone.

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