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April 19, 2009
By rootbeerfloat92 GOLD, Fort Meade, Maryland
rootbeerfloat92 GOLD, Fort Meade, Maryland
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These hearts are paper-plastic
Held together with tape and glue
A cheap throw down
Easy to rip straight through

These fragile objects
Shouldn't we protect them?
They stand out in the pouring rain
Just waiting to be condemned

The beats echo fast and slow
Missing their cues
Distracted as they try to recover
The broken pieces of the muse

Standing helpless we watch
Just weeping at the scene
We swear it will never happen again
The outcome is too keen

But we never change
So how could we learn?
Never realizing the only ones hurting
Are those who yearn

Eyes wide and empty
We wonder at the reasons why
Over time we build up the strength
Finally strong enough to say good bye

The author's comments:
I had the 'These hearts are paper-plastic, held together with tape and glue' part for so long! It took me to find something I thought was good enough to go along with it!

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