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The Act Of Disgrace

April 16, 2009
By Kay Matthews PLATINUM, Bolton, Massachusetts
Kay Matthews PLATINUM, Bolton, Massachusetts
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I know I’ve broken you down to the core,
Your jealousy and insecurity make every conversation a war,
Honey, Baby, Sweetie just one tip,
You should really learn how to kiss,
Being an eternal failure must be rough,
Go back to your rebound you’re real good at giving up,
Act cool Act cold,
You need plastic you can’t handle gold,
Like glue you had super hold,
Actions speak words untold,
Every time I made you cry I felt queasy,
Messing with your head is oh so easy,
You were too easy to get and even easier to leave,
Stuck to me like a tick you were my weed,
I know you need constant attention,
I never liked you didn’t I mention,
I miss you not,
I don’t even give it a milli-thought,
Let me be Let me be,
Don’t remind me of what we used to be,
Independent, I am free,
With the new ability to see,
The forest not just the tree,
You deserve every jab you get,
You are my only life regret,
Do you really need to keep my perfume,
Now I just wanna make you hurt,
To prove what I felt wasn’t real,
You lacked in quality and quality,
Every exchange is a silent debate,
Is ruining my life all you live for?
You are the weakest maggot ever born,
Every moment is perfect; every second is precious now that you’re gone,
Once a companion now a psycho ex boyfriend,
You are stuck in the present forget what happens remember what happened,
Illusion is left now that reality is found,
Your actions speak louder than any sound,
Oh gosh go get her she’s nice and easy,
Oh don’t worry her daddy problems are a freebie,
Angry little boy, throw your tantrum over there,
I see the emotions that you wear,
Each show how much you really care,
Keep revolution,
I prefer my own evolution.

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