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Sin's unending burden

December 9, 2009
By Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
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The piercing red eyes look at me threw the dark room. I wonder who it could be, will I ever know? Looking at me, watching me sleep, is it a stalker? I believe that not. It’s sin creeping into my room. Sin is shrouding over the bed staring down at me. Why will it not leave me alone? It wants my pain, my suffering. It won’t let go of me. Now as I lie there bided by the burden of sin. It lays there feasting on my fear growing stronger from it. Why will I never be able to able to get it off? It still grows because I still fear. Now being suffocated by the burden, holding onto the last breathes. Trying to hold it, trying to not let go, but the burden was too heavy. My last breathes slowly leaving my body. The cold chills shiver down my spine. Now I lay there silent, stiff as marble. I stand there on the other side of the room looking at my own corpse there lifeless and still sin is covering the body. The body decaying from the sin’s putrid mouth as he feasts on my cold decaying flesh. I was locked in the same room for years to come. No one even wondering where I went, no one caring if I was gone. For the multitude of years I was bound here, the sin still feasts on my corpse. I still have fear even as a spirit, which lead to the sin still feeding on my corpse. The day finally came, twenty years later. The sin left my corpse and crept up to my spirit. Still in fear, the sin feasts on my soul. As it eats my soul, it sends me down to the depths of hell. Hell dragging me deeper into the fiery abyss. The way down my spirit transforms into the same thing that feasted upon my own body. I now live, as my own destruction. The same thing that killed me, doing to others that was done unto me.

The author's comments:
As we all fall into fear, and seeing that no one is here. letting fear take over, till we ourselves are over. Letting the burden control us. As we do to others what was done unto ourselves, just to feel better

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